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Student Challenges


If a child hits someone, or isn’t listening to us or is screaming at the top of their lungs, the developmental approach recognizes that the behaviour is connected to something. It’s there for a reason. The child’s behaviour is telling us that they have a need that is not being met.   

By seeking to understand the underlying emotions and/or environmental conditions that lead to challenging behaviours we have the opportunity to create real change. This approach may take more time, but it addresses the roots of the problem, and in this way, leads to profound and long-lasting change. Not just stop the behaviour for ten minutes, or while we are watching!

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What's Behind the Behaviour?

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What's Behind the Behaviour Handout

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EDITORIAL: What’s behind the behaviour? There’s always something.

Hannah Beach

Imagine a wilted plant in a window. Your first thought to help it would probably be to determine what it needs: Does it need more water? Less water? Does it have enough sun? Does it need extra care now because you forgot about it for a few weeks? Is it a delicate plant that needs just the right conditions to thrive? You would likely brainstorm the conditions needed to help it recover.


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