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Student Challenges



We will examine the emotion behind bossy behaviour and how we can help to alleviate the weight these children carry. By trying to better understand the reason’s behind why a student is bossy, it will pave the way to help us see how to take the lead.

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The child who is Bossy Webinar

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The Child Who is Bossy

 Presentation Handout

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EDITORIAL: Does your child have an alpha complex?

Gordon Neufeld

What is an alpha complex you may ask? To begin with, there are many faces to the alpha complex. Some alpha children present as bossy and prescriptive, dominating and controlling, compelled to take charge. They are most comfortable when in the lead and when giving the orders. 


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Who’s In Charge? Reclaiming the Lead with an Alpha Child

Deborah MacNamara

There is a growing problem among children that is not commonly understood despite being insidious and far-reaching. It serves to make parenting and sometimes teaching a challenge, if not a nightmare.  The problem is one of dominance – when the relational dance between an adult and child becomes inverted.

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Children in the Lead with Nowhere to Go

Deborah MacNamara

There is a growing problem among children that does not have a name. It is insidious and far-reaching, serving to make parenting and sometimes teaching challenging, if not a nightmare.

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The Five Things Master Teachers Know and Do

Deborah MacNamara

What is the difference between a great teacher and a master teacher? After years of hiring and working with teachers, along with decades of experience in the classroom, I am convinced there are a few tangible things that set these groups apart. Here are the five things I have learned from being a teacher and watching master teachers in action.


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