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The PYRAMID OF INTERVENTIONS represents a 3-tiered approach to intervening with students in school and has been adapted to meet the needs of students with challenging behaviours.

  • TIER 1 interventions are universal practices carried out in the classroom, school, and school yard to make it easier for the student to manage themselves within their peer group. These interventions are carried out schoolwide.

  • TIER 2 interventions are targeted practices geared to help challenging students that struggle in the classroom but who can still be managed for the most part in a regular setting with school resources and school board support. 

  • TIER 3 interventions are individualized practices for highly challenging students who struggle to stay within the classroom and to manage their big emotions. These supports are generally implemented in alternate locations within the school. They are specifically chosen to meet each student’s needs.

As the interventions become more specific and individualized, they can be displayed as a Pyramid of Interventions – such that each intervention level is more involving, but required by fewer students. Each set of interventions builds on the ones below and all can be provided in the educational context. 

A TEAM APPROACH is necessary when dealing with challenging behaviours as staff can become discouraged and desirous of a “quick fix.” Unfortunately, this is not possible. It is essential that the members of a school team and their school board support come together to design an intervention plan that will meet the individual needs of the challenging student. A classroom teacher or support staff alone, are not expected to meet all of the needs of a challenging student. Teamwork is not only recommended but required. It also lets the child know that there are a number of caring adults in the school who are there for them when they are in need of help and support.This will take great collaboration, effort and patience. Progress and growth will come in small stages over time. 

All interventions are designed to help the student to return to learning and developing within the educational setting.

Theoretical Framework



Pyramid of Intervention

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K4-K5 (available soon)

Trajectory CEBM Pyramid of Support Measures K4-K5_2023-10-04.jpg
CEBM Trajectory during class time Elementary EN_Oct_2023.jpg
CEBM trajectory during class time Secondary EN_Oct_2023.jpg
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Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 12.52.09 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 11.34.38 AM.png
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Intervention Continuum for transitions (in English)

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Intervention Continuum (transitions) -RS

Intervention Continuum for transitions (in French)

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Intervention Continuum (transitions) -RSB-CEBM-July 18 2019 V. FR.jpg

Pyramid of Intervention into Practice

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Pyramid of Intervention into Practice

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FINAL Intervention Planning-Moving From Classroom Observation to Intervention.jpg
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